What  King Direct Reponse does for your product  from A to Z......
Media Strategy

It all boils down to the strength of your media strategy.  The difference between a highly successful DRTV campaign, and a huge flop, is the strategy that is put in place. The truth is, that most campaigns don't really have a unique strategy, and that is why so many fail. King Direct Response, utilizes their combined experience as media buyers and station reps, to create a strategy that will  work for your products.

Campaign Creative

Creating the creative for your first campaign, isn't as simple as just ''producing a commercial',' although that is certainly a part of it.  Even with a limited budget, you need a creative that has a compelling and urgent "call to action", such that DRTV clients will quickly respond. it is also imperative to have that 'buzz", that quickly sets your product apart from others in the same space. You've got just a few seconds to convince every viewer that they must have your product --  and right now. King Direct Response will help make sure that you don't waste time and money producing commercial after commercial, until you finally, (hopefully) find one that works.


Media Buying & Placement

"Sir, could you spare $75,000?" In a scene reminiscent from old 'Arthur' movies, most media buying agencies will ask you to spare a large chunk of change.... just to test your commercial!!! After testing, you move to a traditional format, where you pay the TV stations a commission for what you sell, and nothing for the airtime.  This way the agency knows, that even if you don't make money, they have made their 15%.   King Direct Response works hand-in-hand with stations  and partner agencies to test new campaigns at no cost (other then sales commissions) to our partners. After an initial test, King Direct Response and it's partners roll out each campaign on a massive national or international level, at no required cost to our partner. It's that simple and that good!!


Online Sales

In our current world of Facebook and Twitter, DRTV really hasn't moved much out of the 1980's, when it comes to "how to" capture viewers.  The campaigns that are most successful, are the ones that have adapted to the 21st century, and make it easy for viewers to order online, via responding to a call to action seen on TV. There is an art to this process, and King Direct Response are the artists for this masterpiece sales component. 


Telemarketing and Tracking

Most campaigns will need telemarketing services that can handle large volumes of calls. In fact, each station will need it's own toll free number.   Even with all that in place, if your telemarketing team doesn't answer fast enough, and don't have expert knowledge of your products ,you might end up losing lots of valuable business. Telemarketing and customer service for DRTV is a whole new ballgame compared to traditional customer service, and we will teach you how to win!


Staying on Top

The average DRTV campaign has a shelf life of under 2 years, some much less. However a handful run strong for decades. Even when sales are strong, it might be advisable to launch secondary campaigns to maximize sales potential.  If you want DRTV to be part of your long term growth strategy and not just a temporary boost then you need a plan to stay on top and a team to be there for you to help you grow instead of fade away.  Traditionally agencies will simply pull the plug on you when sales start to go down. We, however, will work with your business and it's unique needs so that our partnership grows over the years and we make money together for a very long time.