Partner Structure

This is how we work together, what we do and what you do......
DRTV Sharks will develop a short or long form television commercial for your product.  We'll handle the script, the talent, the production including pre and post production. We'll develop the all important ''CTA'' -- call to action for consumers to get them to call during the commercial.
We'll pay 75 to 85% of all costs in the realization of this commercial and you'll share the profits with us.
You will provide us with your expertise on your product, knowledge of any legal disclaimers, and current sales overview.  You'll pay 15-25% of the production costs, that reflect our low insider pricing. 
We'll set up your campaign, with  world class DRTV telemarketing specialists, that will be equipped to deal with the call volume that your campaign should generate. We'll cover the costs of having full-time, US based, dedicated professionals, answering the phone, and closing sales for your DRTV campaign.

You will provide our telemarketing partners with product insight, to assist them in training their sales agents. They will in-turn set up a direct merchant account link so payments come right to you.


This is the part where the sales start rolling in!

In this business, it's all about first impressions.
If your campaign doesn't gain traction in the first 15-30 days after launch, it will be nearly impossible to revive it.
We'll structure a test media buy, that will give your campaign the most bang for the buck. We're talking about strategic placement of your commercial on TV stations and on television shows that should generate above-average results.
The result is a successful campaign with awesome ROI and great prospects for the  next stage (see below).
We'll pay 75-85% of the media buy costs.


As results come in, you will be responsible for fulfilling them in a timely fashion. You'll receive daily sales reports. Remember, payments will be reaching your merchant account during this time. Please keep us informed of product fulfillment during this period, and advise us of any problems with inventory.
You'll pay 15-25% of the test media buy costs.

''After a successful two-to four-week test, roll out aggressively, yet with caution. A strong infomercial can spend the following media dollars in rollout: month one-$250,000; month two-$500,000; month three-$1 million.''

This is where DRTV Sharks really shines.
Our agressive mainstream media roll-out won't cost hundreds of thousands of dollars or more!  We'll expand your campaign to over 200 TV stations on a ''PI'' revenue-sharing basis.
Our team of professionals will strategize and carry out this major media launch.
The portion of sales profit alotted to DRTV Sharks, will now also go to pay television stations.

Now the part you were waiting for! 


This is when your campaign goes big. You'll have increased sales orders and you'll need to fulfill them on a timely basis. You'll be responsible for forwarding our sales commissions to us each week.      


Now, you are in the big leagues!  And, you're only going to be hitting home runs from this point on!