Amazing Arms

Award winning, multi-million dollar DRTV campaign.
Joe Lanza, Case Study 4

Amazing 4 way technology that comfortably helps you conceal arm fat!

Company Description

Amazing Arms designed an amazing product, that helps women conceal arm fat in a fashionable way.  They had difficulty getting shelf space, and were looking for an alternative sales route.



They had relatively low retail sales, and wanted to build their entire business based on direct response television sales.  The product had almost no brand recognition.  Women tend to want to try on clothes before purchasing, which was not a possibly for a direct response campaign.




Joe Lanza developed a direct response national cable campaign, which showed the product on several models and provided compelling testimonials. His team conducted, research and selected highly targeted networks that appealed to the product's target consumer. Each cable network, had a unique toll free number, to help identify network back-end performance on a daily basis, allowing them to adjust scheduling to maximize sales generated. We monitored the networks on a weekly basis, and changed media to best optimize results. We also flighted the TV in isolation of the direct mail and other media.


The client increased their sales by 700%, within the first two months when the DRTV was on air, and experienced sustained monthly grow at a rate of 19%  due to the unique DRTV media strategy. Well over 3.5 million units have been sold to date.