Diamond Z4

Award winning, multi-million dollar DRTV campaign.
Case Study 3

Campaign for imitation of $30,000 diamond ring available to consumers at $20.


Company Description


This company had an imitation diamond ring that it painstakingly designed, to pass for a much more expensive authentic diamond ring.  The Company had retail opportunities in major department stores, as well as via television.



The Company had no marketing strategy in place, to explain to potential consumers why their costume jewerly was any different from any other imitation diamond ring. Consumers were not able to appreciate the added value that the product offered them.

They had previously created a television commercial but there was no tracking system to determine whether DRTV, or another media were driving results.



King Direct determined that the best way to establish the unique attributes of the Diamond Z4, would be to insinuate that the product was of royal origin. A voice over artist with a regal British accent, was employed to read a carefully designed script. Close-up shots of the ring were used, to allow viewers a similar experience to seeing jewerly under a department store light.  A jewerly industry professional, was also brought in to add to product credibility.  A revenue-share media placement was carried out, after an initial media buy, in which each participating television station, received an attractive commission per sale resulting in significant broadcast rotations in local and national markets.




The client increased their sales by 1,100%, when the DRTV was on air, and averaged 725,000 sales per month over an 18 month period.